María Ramírez
18 year old girl.
Studying fine arts in Madrid,Spain.
I love photography, art and everything related to creativity.


It looks like the work of a spell and it’s able to cast them. Transparent or coloured, both ways glass bewitches. Essential companion in everyday life - both dressed as humble or precious object - whether useful or superfluous. It allows seeing inside and beyond things.
Working with that


I love these photos so I’m going to have to post them again since they go with tomorrows House of Worth theme.
“Putting on the finishing touches at the atelier of the great Parisian designer Worth, in Paris, 1907”

This a great photograph documenting the work of the team of artisans that would work on a couture collection.  So many times we think of the fashion designer as a stand-alone creator, arbiter, etc.  Photographs such as this bring to light the embroiderers, patternmakers, and seamtresses that move a vision into actuality. 
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The Iittala Arabia Love Moomin porcelain
The Iittala Arabia Love Moomin porcelain

John Baker of Mjolk | An interview with 


Bogten Dziworski
View from the Window, 1970
Thanks to wonderfulambiguity